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We can trace our original roots back to 1995 when a small Internet services consultancy was founded in Northumberland, United Kingdom.

Over the years

 we have worked with UK Defence, UK Government organisations, Manufacturing, Banking and Oil & Gas.

We are proud to say

our business is going from strength to strength with recent contract wins in the Middle East Oil & Gas industry for our software products, to growth of our security services – the backbone upon which the business was built.


on call support and call-out for your critical systems

securing the knowledge

managing your security infrastructure


Information Security

Askaris’ credentials over the years reads as a ‘who’s who’ of high-risk critical infrastructure customers.  Having worked with Vickers, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Alvis and Frazer Nash, we were one of the original CLAS-approved consultancies who offered consultancy services to government departments. Today we work with major manufacturers, Oil & Gas drillers and contractors as well as financial institutions.  Some of the areas we have worked in include:

  • Defence and Government in the UK
  • Educational in the USA
  • Manufacturing in Germany
  • F1 Motorsport in the UK
  • Pharmaceuticals in the UK
  • Oil & Gas in the Middle East
  • Financial services in the USA
  • Petrochemicals in Norway
  • Manufacturing in Sweden
  • Oilfield services in Brazil

We also have over 60 years’ cumulative experience in deploying security products and can provide assistance with most mainstream security systems.

We can help you take the headache out of managing your security infrastructure through our tailored support solution for your environment, from telephone support and remote assistance through to regular on-site maintenance and patching, to 24×7 on call support and call-out for those critical infrastructures.

With resource in the UK and in the Middle East we can cover any support requirement. If you are not sure whether or not you need our services, why not give us a call?


Software Engineering

ARCUS LGI gets launched 1st July


Askaris offer a broad range of multi platform Software Engineering and Software Development skills that are available to clients on an ongoing project basis or as an additional pair of hands to enhance your internal skillset.

Askaris, with its background in the Oil and Gas sector

have significant experience in solving unique and challenging problems, from deployment in harsh and hazardous conditions, to low to no bandwidth operation and bespoke data synchronisation across your platforms as well us implementing redundancy and disaster recovery as standard.

Our vast experience in solution architecture experience also allows to us to integrate solutions

We have significant experience in solving unique and challenging problems, from deployment in harsh and hazardous conditions, to low to no bandwidth operation and bespoke data synchronisation across your platforms as well us implementing redundancy and disaster recovery as standard.



we offer a range of cross platform skillsets believing strongly that the correct architectural solution is the one that you already have or that your requirements demand, specifically we can offer;

– Multi Platform Web Development Services

– Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

– Cross Platfrom Applications (Windows, Mac, Unix / Linux)

– Client / Server Applications

– Cloud Based Software Solutions

– Industrial Programming & Control (PLC, Modbus etc)

– Bespoke IOT Applications

– AI Integraation

– RFID Based Software Solutions

ARCUS Suite of Asset Management Solutions

which can be tailored and enhanced to your specific  industry requirements, but who’s features include


– Asset Management & Certification

– Asset Inspection Frameworks

– Dropped Object Surveys

– Loose / Heavy Lifting Gear Inspections (LGI)

– High Pressure Piping

– BOP Surveys

– Bespoke Inspection Frameworks

– Cloud Based Portal

– Remote Tablet Based Asset Management and Inspections (Full Offline Support)

– Cloud Based Reporting

– Audit Trail and Changelog

– 3rd Party Integration

– Global Support


The ARCUS Platform

provides a technologically innovative solution to completing Inspections in the challenging environments of the Oil & Gas Industry.


The ARCUS Platform


ARCUS-DROPS provides management of potential static and dynamic dropped objects on your offshore and onshore assets.

  • Recording of detailed safety securing and retention methods.
  • Asset scheduling aligns itself with your Preventative Maintenance regime.
  • Photos help identify assets and are also used to support corrective action resolution and close-out.


The ARCUS-LGI solution provides structured inspection and validation of items such as Loose Lifting Gear, Cranes and Winches. The services enables customers to provide a simple inspection process of their own assets and allows third-party inspection companies to quickly and accurately locate and inspect assets. This improves the efficiency of the inspection process and as a result, will reduce the end cost. Through the use of the cloud portal, certificates can also be generated, issued and electronically attached to each asset.


Effective and controlled preventative maintenance is a must for electrical equipment located within the hazardous areas of an offshore and onshore facility. The ARCUS-EX service allows the identification and tagging of EX assets and provides an inspection process which is pre-defined in line with your companys PM System. Each item of equipment is tagged with a unique RFID (HF) tag which will provide detail, certification, documentation and inspection history with real time reporting.


The ARCUS-Hose service provides the identification and tagging of hose assets using multiple tags, providing real time reporting of location and condition. Detailed recording of asset details such as manufacturer, length, flange types, purchase date, supplier, wall thickness and tolerance measurements etc. help provide an analytical view to aid preventative maintenance. The pre-defined inspection can then be carried out in line with existing customer PM System.


Regular inspection of bolts and the area surrounding them is imperative to mitigate against corrosion in the harsh environments of the Oil & Gas Industry. The ARCUS-Bolt service identifies the bolts included in the scope of that inspection with a master tag and photographic evidence ensures bolts are inspected. Provides inspection criteria including items such as tap test, torque and visual checking and supports up to 20%/5 year inspection rotation. Colour coding may also be used to provide an immediate visual check of inspection status.


The ARCUS-BOP service records the identification, journey and maintenance history of sub-assets with a real time audit trail. Using very robust and durable RFID tags to tag BOP sub-assets, tested to 10,000ft depth and several years repeated sub-sea use up to 6 months at a time.



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