Not sure how secure you are from external and internal attackers?  We can offer a security audit consultancy exercise to assess the current state of your electronic business assets and provide a report recommending short term and long term remedial action.

We also have over 25 years’ experience in deploying security products and can provide assistance with mainstream security systems such as Check Point, Websense, RSA SecurID, IBM Guardium, various Anti-Virus products and many more.

We can help you take the headache out of managing your security infrastructure.  We can provide a tailored support solution for your environment, from telephone support and remote assistance through to regular on-site maintenance and patching, to 24×7 on call support for those critical infrastructures.  With support resource in the UK and in the Middle East we can cover any support requirement.

We can provide both external and internal application security testing.  Often, a vulnerability scan usually ends at the Internet gateway.  However, we are also able to provide internal infrastructure testing (servers, services, critical network components), as well as web application testing on both .NET/SQL and php/MySQL environments.

Virtualisation has seen a prolific increase over the last few years.  However the security of the host environment is commonly overlooked.  We run tools which can identify any weaknesses or security oversights in these environments.  Reporting can also be aligned to PCI DSS etc.

Most business applications use databases to manipulate, store and secure data.  Where this data is of a critical nature (personal details, credit card details, commercial IP), it is a very real risk that this data could be compromised, and this is especially true from the threat of internal attack.  Our systems can protect your data from internal and external compromise.  They also augment the role of the database administrator by ensuring their skills and processes are ethically as well as technically correct.

This is just an overview of the sort of work we get involved in.  Call us today to discuss your requirements.